Posted by: cslfconnects | September 12, 2008

Parents of Highschoolers: Don’t Miss Your Financial Aid eTips!

Financial aid.  Many parents feel overwhelmed just considering preparing their child to attend college – helping their child achieve in high school, helping them find a school that suits them, and helping their child look at career paths that will allow their child to repay student loans. One of the most common questions posed to college planning counselors is “Where do we begin?”

For parents with a child in high school, the Connecticut Student Loan Foundation (CSLF) has customized a free email service. Parent College Planning eTips subscribers will receive monthly emails tailored to the grade level of their child – Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior. Parents with multiple children can subscribe to as many grade levels as they desire.

Here’s what to expect in your eTips tool box each month!

  • timely suggestions for leveraging local and national resources
  • monthly activities to enhance your college planning
  • customized tips on applying for Financial Aid
  • monthly checklists
  • links to free online resources to help you

Click here to subscribe for free!

CSLF provides on-site early awareness services as well:

Please visit us to experience our college planning resource center, make use of our parent and student publications and one-on-one college counseling.  We provide a toll free hotline for getting help and staying connected: 1 – 800 – PLAN 4 IF  (800.752.6443)

All of CSLF‘s college planning services are provided free of charge!

Don’t miss one of most recently updated free publications:  CSLF’s Parent Guide to Financial Aid – get help with the FAFSA, understanding different kinds of financial aid, eligibility and more.

When we speak to parents on the phone, we frequently hear that it would help to have information on college planning and financial aid “all in one place” or “made easier to understand” – and that’s what CSLF is doing.

We would like to know what else you need: What would make the college planning and financial aid process easier to understand and less stressful?  Where do you want to access that help?

Leave us a comment here on the blog, or send us an email at alternativeoutreach (at) mail (dot) CSLF (dot) org.

ABOUT CSLF – The Connecticut Student Loan Foundation (CSLF) is a national, non-profit agency that administers, guarantees, and finances loans within the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) and alternative student loan programs. CSLF has more than 40 years of experience providing assistance to students and parents seeking to finance a higher education. CSLF promotes access to higher education by helping families plan for and pursue their postsecondary education and by assuring that low-cost funding options remain available to eligible students and parents. Learn more about CSLF at



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