Posted by: cslfconnects | February 19, 2009

We’re part of a Carnival! College Admissions Carnival, that is!

Mark Montgomery is a busy guy.  He spends his time researching info germane to college selection, admissions, financial aid and as he likes to call it, mapping college journeys.  Any parent, prospective student or guidance counselor knows that it is a journey, one best traversed with a knowledgeable guide.  Mark is just such a guide:  associate dean at the University of Denver, admissions counselor for Fort Lewis College, external evaluator for teaching and learning programs at other universities, including the Yale University and University of Kansas.  And that just scratches the surface.  I know you’ll want to find out much more about what makes him tick as well as what makes him an internationally respected authority on leadership and education; when Mark asked us to contribute to his twice-monthly Carnival of College Admissions blog we couldn’t refuse!

This edition celebrates Mark’s trip to China with a nod to the Chinese New Year, but his trip is not just for fireworks and dragons: Mark spoke yesterday to Chinese families exploring a US education for their college bound children!

The Carnival of College Admissions concentrates on more domestic college transition issues, though. You won’t want to miss the contributions from experts offering wisdom on how to pick the best college for your budget and your career aspirations, on how to navigate the admissions process (don’t miss University of New Haven’s Gil Rogers’ post called, aptly READ THIS! – a timely reminder to actually read what an admissions office sends you!), plus much, much more.

Thanks again for having me and CSLF as a guest, Mark. We look forward to more.

Mariana Evica

CSLF Early Awareness & College Planning


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