Contact Us – About CSLF & CSLF Connects

Connecticut Student Loan Foundation
525 Brook Street
Rocky Hill CT 06067
Phone: 800-237-9721 OR 860-257-4001
Fax: 860-563-3247
Business Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:15 PM MONDAY-FRIDAY

The Connecticut Student Loan Foundation blogs here at WordPress to connect with the rich and diverse community of students and families, financial aid professionals, the academic community and individuals interested in making a post-secondary education accessible and affordable.  CSLF/Susie Mae is a lender and guarantor of Federal Student Loans and Private loans, especially committed to serving those students from Connecticut or attending school in Connecticut.

Further information can be found not only on our website but also at and on Facebook at

Searching online at Facebook will also connect CSLF borrowers (both students and parents) with two different discussion groups, in addition to the above Facebook page.  We also encourage members of the Connecticut Financial Aid community to find and join our group (first join Facebook!) so that we can share resources help as many schools, families and prospective college students as possible.

The authors Amie Aragones and Mariana Evica can be reached at alternativeoutreach (at) mail (dot) cslf (dot) org, and welcome questions and comments.

For immediate connection, follow Mariana on Twitter at and ask a question!



  1. Many thanks for the very kind tweet about McBuzz WordPress tutorials on Business Blogging 101 ( )

    Be sure to post questions there in the comments if I can help out.

    Looks like PDFs were giving you trouble. Did you get that worked out? My Business Blogging 101 PDF tutorial is on an older version of WordPress, but the technique is still the same.

    Thanks again,
    Mark McLaren

    • Thank you for your help, again, Mark. It’s so nice to find help when you’re both budget-conscious yet conscientious about doing a good job simultaneously! It’s the mantra of small businesses and non-profits alike. I certainly found out a lot about the limitations of WordPress – in this case, that one can only insert a link to the .pdf file in the media library, rather than inserting an image, unlike inserting an actual image. Live and learn! I shared your site with many people on facebook who were equally grateful.

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

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